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Bedient Research Group

Headshot_Raychel Bahnick_21.jpg

Raychel Bahnick

MS Student

Research Interests:  My research interests are flood management resiliency and how anthropogenic conditions like urbanization and land subsidence can impact flood risk at a watershed scale. I am particularly interested in the intersection between engineering and public policy and utilizing flood modeling research to better inform policy.

Current Project:  My research project involves developing a 2D hydraulic model to analyze how various land subsidence and land use change scenarios impact riverine and pluvial flooding.

Headshot_True Furrh_21.JPG

True Furrh

PhD Student

Research Interests: I am interested in the intersection of urban and natural hydrology, statistical analysis of extreme weather events, and coastal geomorphological processes. In particular, I am interested in vegetative infiltration and the role native prairie grasses play in the hydrologic cycle. I am also interested in statistical methods to predict tropical storm and hurricane frequency in the Gulf of Mexico.


Current Project: I am currently analyzing extreme rainfall frequency over the greater Houston area with an emphasis on reservoir operations.

Headshot_Matt Garcia_21.jpg

Matthew Garcia

PhD Student

Research Interests:  Working on the integration of hydrologic and hydraulic modeling with other frameworks (reservoir operations, land use prediction, machine learning, and weather prediction) for the developing the next generation of real-time flood warning systems and flood management models.

Current Project:  Developing a modular surrogate modeling framework for distributed hydrodynamic models to compute inundation maps in real-time.

Headshot_Lizzie Hoffmann_21.jpg

Elizabeth Hoffmann

MS Student

Research interests: My research interests include the effects of development on watersheds in Houston. I am focusing on the impact of various hydrologic parameters on the infiltration rate and impervious land cover percentage to simulate different stages of development.


Current Project: My current project involves using a two-dimensional hydraulic model to predict the watershed response under increasing development in the Big Creek Watershed, which is located in Fort Bend County.

GSP_Headshot_GS_Briggs Weathington.jpg

Briggs Weathington

MS Student

Research interests: My research interests are coastal flooding and resilience under severe tropical cyclone conditions. I am particularly  interested in coupling inland and oceanic models to assess potential compound flooding impacts on residential communities.


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