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Philip B. Bedient

Herman and George R. Brown Professor of Civil Engineering, Rice University
Director, SSPEED Center

Dr. Philip B. Bedient is the Herman Brown Professor of Engineering in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Rice University. He teaches and performs research in surface water hydrology and flood prediction systems, and radar based flood alert. 

SSPEED's Upcoming Conference

Please join us this October for SSPEED’s 11th Conference, where top experts from around the globe will present on a number of topics with Q&A and panel discussions. In addition, attendees will have a chance to see a demonstration of temporary flooding solutions by Dutch Water Prevention. This two-day event will be located at the Anderson-Clarke Center (Glasscock School of Continuing Studies) at Rice University. 


Meet the Team

Congrats to the spring graduates, Allison Wyderka (M.S.), Briggs Weathington (M.S.), Matt Garcia (Ph.D.), and Mia Peeples (M.S.). Currently, Dr. Bedient's team includes one Ph.D., three M.S. students, and three undergraduate students.

AIH Award Recipient

Rice University’s Phil Bedient has been awarded the American Institute of Hydrology's Ray K. Linsley Award in honor of outstanding contributions in surface water hydrology.

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Rice-Dutch Exchange

Since 2009, the SSPEED Center has maintained a technical exchange with TU Delft students and professors. Currently, two SSPEED students are participating in the NSF-PIRE program, and a recent SSPEED graduate is researching at TU Delft as a Fulbright Scholar.

Past exchange includes:

  • Bee Kothuis, Chief Representative, NBSO Texas, spoke at SSPEED's 10th Conference in April. Dr. Bas Jonkman of TU Delft and others have been a part of this tradition. 

  • This spring, CEM TU Delft Masters students visited the Rice campus to learn about SSPEED's Galveston Bay Park Plan.

  • Over the years, multiple Dutch masters students have visited the Center as they complete their research. 

  • In a joint-venture with LSU, Dr. Bedient launched the first faculty-led study abroad program for Rice University's Civil and Environmental Engineering Department in the Netherlands.

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