Philip B. Bedient

Dr. Philip B. Bedient is the Herman Brown Professor of Engineering in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Rice University. He teaches and performs research in surface water hydrology and flood prediction systems, and radar based flood alert. 

Herman and George R. Brown Professor of Civil Engineering, Rice University
Chair, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Director, SSPEED Center

Bedient named Department Chair


Bedient was named Civil and Environmental Engineering Department Chair in July 2019 and will serve through 2022. He joined Rice Faculty in 1975 and previously served as Department Chair from 1992-1999. 

Meet the team

Congrats to the summer graduates, Katherine Anarde (PhD), Connie Do (MS) and Ferne Maulsby (MS). Currently, Dr. Bedient's team includes two PhD and two MS students.

CEVE Study Abroad

In a joint-venture with LSU, Dr. Bedient launches the first faculty-led study abroad program for Rice University's Civil and Environmental Engineering Department.

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